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The wedding ! This day that we imagined, these moments that we hope will be engraved in us forever.

An event so magical that we almost forget all the organization that ensues from it. Fortunately, AMS BEAUTY is here to support you and remind you of these valuable tips!

Nutrition and hydration, a fantastic duo!

First of all, have you drunk your daily 1.5L of water as well as your 5 fruits and vegetables? More than ever, you should not neglect your diet. Your body and mind will thank you! They will be mobilized 100% : no room for fatigue and loss of concentration!

Eating a healthy diet full of vitamin C and iron will help keep you going for the wonderful (but tiring) days leading up to your wedding.

An organization worthy of the event

Don't hesitate to make a To Do list to make sure everything is ready for the big day and don't forget any service providers! (Have you thought about the nannies who will take care of entertaining your guests' children?)

Imagine the worst scenarios to plan B plans ! We are never safe from the unexpected.

All this work for a princess? Hell no!!

Don't forget that this is YOUR time for you and your partner! Don't let yourself be overwhelmed by too many responsibilities. Delegate this workload and call on competent people so that they can help you!


Easier said than done but you can try! With this frenzy you have the right to, at least, a few hours of calm .

Grab your best book, listen to your best jazz playlist and relax! Placing yourself under so much stress is not good and will prevent you from having a good time.

Check Up Makeup!

Is your makeup artist on point? Will it perfectly enhance your eyebrows with our Brow Filler pencil and the Oh my Brow! Eyebrow Kit? ? Does she have the PRO BLACK KIT from AMS BEAUTY ?

Photos are wonderful memories that will last through the years one after the other and you want your makeup to come out the way you want it to.

Schedule a trial with your makeup artist so you can make sure the makeup you want perfectly matches your desires .

And your skin in all this?

Prepare your skin so that it is ready for your bridal makeup on the big day! Scrub mask, Vitamin E and D, everything is good for pampering her but in moderation . There's no point in suffocating your skin with "miracle" products; stick to the products you love so you don't have any adverse skin reactions!

And your partner?

In this whirlwind of things to do, take some time for yourself. Yes, you will be able to meet up at your wedding but everything will go very quickly with the requests of family and friends.

Reserve a slot for a moment of pure intimacy before the festivities!



And if, up until now, you have followed the advice of the AMS Beauty Team, you have saved a lot of time and energy ! You can even take a full 24-hour OFF day with your partner or friends for a Spa day for example.

It’s when the wedding is fast approaching that stress is at its peak! But not for you! Everything is under control and you can even afford to forget, for 24 hours, that one of the most beautiful days of your life is being prepared.

And after?

And after the party, the tears, the laughter and the glitter, what remains? Your memories and the return to reality !

You have the right to slowly come down from your cloud thanks to a honeymoon where you will have plenty of time to realize the magnificent moments you shared with your loved ones.


ENJOY! A wedding requires a lot of organization but above all it is a symbolically strong and wonderful moment to share with your loved one and those around you! Don't let anxiety itch until it makes you forget the happiness this happy event gives you.

The AMS BEAUTY Team is counting on you to share photos of your magnificent makeup with us!

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