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3 tendances makeup pour la St Valentin

3 makeup trends for Valentine’s Day


Focus on 3 makeup trends to achieve for a Valentine's Day evening.

1. The Smoky Glamor look:

Opt for an intense and glamorous look by creating a smoky liner. Use shades of black, a few warm tones and a touch of iridescent finishing to create a captivating effect that will attract all eyes.

To achieve this look, you can use the MUA Basics AMS Beauty palette.

2. Rouge Passion lips:

A must-have! Nothing like a bright red mouth to turn your partner over. For a satin finish, opt for a lip pencil in red tones. We recommend the ultra creamy Cherry lip pencil from AMS Beauty.

3. The Pinky & Glowy look:

Luminous and natural skin remains an essential makeup trend, add a touch of glamor with shades of pink to create a sensual and romantic look. To achieve this look, use AMS Beauty pigments and The Bridal palette, remembering to accentuate your cheekbones with a touch of Baby Pink blush.

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