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How to have THE perfect photo on your networks? The AMS BEAUTY team offers you some foolproof tips to follow. Ready? Let's go!

1. Work on your eyes

Working on your eyes first will prevent you from getting residue on your face.

Choose a cream or powder shadow and pigments, use a light hand so as not to overmark the defects which are more visible in the photo, the AMS BEAUTY pigments will illuminate your eyelids.

For the eyebrows, work them as naturally as possible, the Brow Soap to discipline the most rebellious hairs, fluffy effect guaranteed, finish with a very fine line at the level of the eyebrows for a very clean finish.

Enhance everything with a well-pigmented kohl and a touch of volumizing mascara, and that's it!

2. Work your complexion to perfection

To keep a clean effect on your photo, start with a slightly pearly moisturizing base.

The beauty sponge will smooth the material to perfection and modulate the appearance of your complexion depending on whether you want a matte or glowy complexion (but not too much): start by wetting it then apply your complexion product by tapping from the center of your face towards the 'outside.

Correct your dark circles in small touches with the C02 concealer brush , without forgetting the inner corner of the eye!

3. Doll cheeks

To then refresh your complexion using the B01 blush brush , choose a blush in harmony with your complexion and your makeup.

Pink, orange, brown color of your choice, healthy glow guaranteed!

We then move on to the highlighter, light up all the hollow areas such as dark circles, sides of the nose or the contours of the mouth using the H01 highlighter brush .

4. A well-defined mouth

We recommend a slightly pearly moisturizing balm to start. Luscious, pearly lips give radiance to the face, add a touch of pink gloss to the heart of the lips for a more indulgent effect.

You can also opt for a creamy or matte lipstick.

5. Light!

Beautiful makeup is good, highlighting it is better!.

Use natural light or so-called soft light, it is an ideal choice for portraits.

Lighting is the basis of a good photo.

Understanding how to use light is the first and most important rule to getting great photos using just your phone.

6. A clean background

Choose an attractive or neutral background for a more interesting photo.

Some phones even have a portrait mode, which optimizes lighting and focus.

7. Full stop

And finally we come to the last most important point.

There is no secret or magic formula to know, when it comes to poses for your Instagram photos, be natural and have fun!

We hope that these tips will be useful to you, do not hesitate to share all your tips in the comments, see you soon for new tips ;)

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  • Wande Mag's

    Merci pour ces astuces j’ai beaucoup aimé et je vais clairement mettre en pratique dans les prochains jours… J’imagine que ça convient également pour les vidéos 😎😎

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