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A luminous complexion that lets you guess the 8 hours of sleep you don't get!
A luminous complexion that suggests that you have just returned from a 2-week vacation under the tropical sun!
We all dream of THIS complexion!
AMS BEAUTY reveals to you today some tips to give a boost to your complexion routines.
1st stepFirst, hydration!

We can never repeat it enough: hydration of the skin, whether oily or dry, is the basis of all good makeup !

We recommend a very rich day cream to provide the necessary glow to your skin and guarantee maximum comfort !

Tips : add two drops of vitamin C or D to your cream to restore your skin's natural glow !

Recommended product : Charlotte Tilbury – Charlotte's Magic Cream

2nd step – A very glowy base!

To ensure makeup without demarcations, applying a cream highlighter to highlighted areas, before foundation, is key !

Using the S01 brush , our Beauty Sponge or your fingers, lightly spread the product on the top of your cheekbones; the bridge of your nose; your forehead and even the cupid's bow of your lips.

For those who wish, do not hesitate to apply a moisturizing or glowy base all over the face.

Tips : Glowy, Dewy but not greasy! Apply a mattifying primer to areas where you are likely to shine!

Recommended products :

Liquid highlighter: Fenty - Fluid Freestyle Highlighter

Moisturizing Base: Bobby Brown - Vitamin Enriched Face Base

source: @fentybeauty on instagram

3rd step – Foundation!

Choose a foundation with nourishing properties and a glowy finish .

For the coverage of the foundation, it's up to you to decide according to your preferences and whether you want to camouflage certain stains or others!

Using our F01 brush and or our Beauty Sponge , tap the product over your entire face, targeting areas that require more coverage.

Tips : For foundation, choose a shade that matches your undertone so you don't have a dull finish.

Recommended products : NARS - Pure Radiant Foundation

4th step - Concealer!

A concealer lighter than your skin tone will be perfect for highlighting highlighted areas on the forehead, under the eyes, the bridge of the nose and the chin!

When choosing a lighter concealer, do not opt ​​for a concealer that is 4 times lighter than your skin tone (3 times maximum!)

Place the material using our C01 brush and tap the material with the C02 brush so that it blends with the foundation.

Recommended product : TOO FACED - Born This Way SUPER COVERAGE FOUNDATION

5th step – And the powder?

Oily skin will thank us! Even for the most luminous looks, a veil of powder cannot be refused! The radiance of your complexion must still remain controlled . Apply it to areas where pores are visible, on the chin, forehead and nose!

Tips : For a light application and to avoid a “plaster” effect, choose our S01 or S02 brush for better control.

Recommended product : Beauty Bakery – Flour Setting Powder

source: @beautybakeriemakeup on instagram

Step 6 – Beautiful cheekbones!

A beautiful pink or orange blush will give you a healthy glow and brighten up your complexion!

Tips : A blush with pearls will accentuate your cheekbones as well as the radiance of your complexion!

When applying blush, do not bring the material too low on your cheeks, on the contrary: place your brush at the top of your cheekbones for a lifted effect!

Recommended product : Marena Beaute - Blush

7th step – Shine Bright like...

What is a luminous complexion without a little dose of highlighter? On the top of your cheekbones, cupid's bow, nose or forehead, lightly illuminate the areas you want!

Our H01 brush is suitable for aerial application of your highlighter, perfect for avoiding streaks!

Tip : don’t choose a shade that’s too dark or too light! They will leave unsightly marks on your complexion.

Recommended product : ANASTASIA BEVERLY HILLS – Amrezy Highlighter

8th – TADA! Final step!

The spray! Your best ally for melting all cream and powder materials on your face!

Tips: Choose a dewy spray to accentuate the light in your makeup!

Recommended product : MORPHE - Continuous Fixing Mist

The perfect glowy complexion is yours! All these steps are recommendations , advice, you are free to add or remove steps!

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