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Description :

This set, intended for both professionals and makeup enthusiasts, is made up of 16 brushes including 5 complexion brushes, 10 eye brushes as well as a lip brush to perfect your makeup.

- the F04 foundation brush
It can be used for both foundation and contouring.
- the flawless B04 complexion brush
It modulates all powdery and creamy textures and adapts to your face thanks to its beveled shape.
- the powder finish brush P03
It is used to apply powder all over your face, reaching small areas thanks to its pointed shape.

- the CTO2 brush
It is ideal for applying contour cream products.

- the C02 blend concealer brush

It precisely blurs the concealer under the eye but also over the entire face.

- the C03 concealer brush
It precisely applies the concealer to highlighted areas and also allows for precise cut creases.

- the S04 flat powder brush.
It powders small areas of the face with precision.

- the NB6 flat extra blend brush
It blurs small areas across the entire eyelid.

- the NB7 brush
Ideal for applying eye shadow and pigments.

- the NB8 extra precision blend brush
Very precise, it precisely blurs the smallest parts of the eye.

- the NB9 flat brush
It is the mini version of the brush. It allows you to reach the lower eyelid and small areas of the eye.

- the NB10 blending brush
It allows you to blend without leaving any demarcation.

- the NB11 precision blend brush
It allows the shadow to be diffused over the entire eyelid.

- the E-L03 liner brush
It allows you to create a precise, fine liner with ease.

- the D01 brush.
He perfects all the little details.

- the L02 precision brush.
It precisely applies any lipstick and gloss to your lips.

Composition : Synthetic and natural bristles .

Using advice :
To find out the precise uses of each brush, please read the descriptions specific to each brush.

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