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Description :

Discover our 12 COMPLEXION and EYE brushes in our PRO BLACK KIT for perfect application of your cream and powder products.

- BF1 Powder brush

Ideal for applying a loose or compact powder to your entire face.

- BF2 Beveled complexion brush

Its shape will perfectly fit your face for applying your foundation.

- BF3 Blush Brush

Delicate and suitable for applying your blush.

- BF5 Flat complexion brush

It will allow you to apply your foundation with complete control.

- BF6 Contouring brush

Suitable for following the shadow areas of your cheeks and forehead, it will complement the BF4 brush for applying cream contouring.

- BF7 Concealer brush

Apply your concealer to highlighted areas with this flat concealer brush to brighten your face.

- BF8 Precision powder brush

Its elongated shape and precise tip will allow you to powder the desired areas of your face.


- BE1 Shading brush

Add dimension to your makeup with this brush by using it in the outer corner of your eye.

- BE2 Blending brush

It will blend your eye shadows and intensify your eye makeup to perfection.

- BE3 Blending brush

The sidekick of the BE2 brush, it will bring precision to your movements.

- BE4 Blending brush

Thanks to the density of its hairs, blend the ends of your eye shadows for an incredible blend.

- BE5 Blending brush

Smaller than the BE4 brush, it will blend your eye shadows with precision.

Application advice:

Take a little material on the back of your hand using the brush, apply the material on your face and blend gently.

To find out the precise uses of each brush, please read the descriptions specific to each brush.

Composition :

All brushes are made of synthetic hair with the exception of the BF3 brush and the eye brushes which are made of natural hair.

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