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La méthode infaillible pour un maquillage réussi

The foolproof method for successful makeup

We explain how to apply your makeup the right way

There is a specific order for applying makeup, although everyone has their own method, there are general guidelines.
Here is a list of steps to follow to know how to apply makeup correctly.



We start by having a good foundation.
How? Apply your primer to each area (face, eyelids and lips) This step is important because it creates a clean, smooth surface for the rest of your makeup and allows the product to stay in place longer.




After the base, you have to concentrate on the eyes.
Shape and fill in your eyebrows first.
They will serve as a guide for applying eye shadow.



Eye shadow should be applied first, in case there is any residue and you need to do some clean up.
Step 1: eyelid color
Step 2: the color of the crease of the eyelid
Step 3: highlight along the brow bone.

Eyeliner and mascara to finish!




If a classic foundation is a bit heavy for your daily routine, opt for a BB or CC cream.



Then, apply the concealer under your eyes and on any imperfections.
The foundation covers imperfections well, but the concealer illuminates, infiltrates
into the skin and makes imperfections disappear.



Whether it's a full contour or just warming up the skin, it's important to create that definition.
To do this, outline the areas of your face where you want to create shadows.
Cheeks, jaw, nose and forehead, but don't feel like you have to do it all.



Your blush should be placed on top of your bronzer.
Otherwise, you risk getting a blurred, blotchy look rather than a natural blush.
There are many ways to apply blush, but one thing is essential: BLEND! this words is your best friend.



Highlighter is the last step of your facial makeup.
Apply it to your cheekbones and the bridge of your nose - and anywhere natural light might land and reflect.
It's up to you to choose the type of highlighter that suits you best, liquid or powder.




Lipstick or gloss should be one of the very last steps,
To make sure it stays put all day, try a matching lip liner or choose a formula that lasts all day.






Finally, the final touch!

Spray a setting spray all over your face to make your makeup last all day.

And There you go !

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  • Aminata

    Excellent article pour les débutantes ! Merci beaucoup

    (J’attends avec impatience des vidéos dans laquelle vous conseillez des marques etc)

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