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You've probably already heard about it, soft sculpting takes the place of contouring, the idea is to highlight beautiful skin without overdoing it!

We explain everything about this new trend!

Created by Mario Dedivanovic , Kim Kardashian's makeup artist, this technique consists of appearing more natural with a "refreshing" appearance by limiting the production time and the number of products.

To do this, you need to use between four to five products in total.
The whole look should only take you about five minutes!
Don't stress about getting a perfect result the first time, this "easy-to-perform contouring" is intuitive, especially with the right products.

The goal: not to cover the skin's natural radiance.
Simply add areas of shadow and light where you need them.
Lift effect guaranteed without surgery!

amsbeauty before/after facelift

In daylight, sculpt your cheeks by applying a tiny bit of bronzer or dark foundation (with light coverage) just above the hollow of the cheeks.

Then, we stretch the material upwards to subtly lift the skin and add a little warmth.

For blush, avoid overly pigmented formulas which will have an unnatural effect on the skin and instead focus on liquid products or in cream form, we have selected one here .

The concealer is positioned at the outer corner of the eye going up towards the end of the eyebrow. Remember to moisten your blender or brush well for a natural, blended finish. We then move to the hollow of the eyes, finishing with a veil of powder.

For highlighter, liquid is recommended, it must be applied to:

- The eyebrow arch
- The inside of the eye
- Above the cheekbone
- The bridge of the nose
- Above the lips.

To recreate this look, buy the Artist brush kit including:

- the F02 foundation brush
It can be used for both foundation and contouring.
- the flawless F03 complexion brush
It modulates all foundation textures for an effortless peach skin effect.
- the powder finish brush P02
It is used to apply powder all over your face in the blink of an eye.
- the B02 blush/bronzer brush
It hugs the cheekbones and sculpts the complexion for a natural look.
- the H01 highlighter brush
He applies the highlighter with great precision for a more or less intense result.

Get your brushes!

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