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Eyelashes are the charming asset of our eyes, we are going to offer you different techniques for a fiery look!

There are different factors that affect the lack of eyelashes, poor makeup removal, poor diet.... they fall out and sometimes don't grow back, what to do?


Magnetic or stick-on, today there is a large choice in false eyelashes for all occasions, you will find imperceptible false eyelashes for every day or more imposing ones for your events.


How to put them? We start by checking that the eyelashes are the size of our eyes, otherwise, we cut off the excess.

Place a line of glue at the very edge of the false eyelashes and blow on them for 5 to 10 seconds, so that the glue begins to dry and it sets more easily once on your eyelid.

Apply the false eyelashes with your finger or tweezers, as close as possible to your eyelashes, therefore slightly away from the inner corner of the eye.

Press the ends for a few seconds to hold them in place.


The eyelash-to-eyelash technique consists of gluing a false eyelash to each of the natural eyelashes.
This way, it is possible to modify its length, curvature, thickness and even color!
Lashes last between 60 to 90 days and fall out at the same time as your natural lashes.

Eyelash extensions pose no danger to your natural eyelashes provided that the application was carried out by a qualified professional and that you take care of them.


For example, daily use of coconut oil , castor oil or petroleum jelly before going to sleep is a beauty tip promising to have healthy eyelashes.
A thin layer applied from roots to tips using a brush every evening on perfectly clean lashes.


Are you applying your mascara correctly?

When applying your mascara, use zigzag movements from the root to the tip of your eyelash.
This movement will have the effect of sheathing your eyelashes.

Don't hesitate to add more layers of mascara: you'll gain volume.

If you have a spider leg effect, use the bottle brush to remove the excess.

Photo credit: Vogue

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